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Years ago, while preparing for my Biofeedback Certification, I studied with Dr. Charles F. Stroebel, a Connecticut psychiatrist, and author of, QR: The Quieting Reflex. (Putnam, 1982)

Dr. Stroebel was a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. He worked extensively with biofeedback therapy; short, six-second exercises that triggered the parasympathetic nervous system, causing individuals to relax, resulting in lower blood pressure, less severe headaches, and other forms of healing. Dr. Stroebel demonstrated that biofeedback was essentially a scientific approach to meditation, and when practiced regularly, resulted in valuable benefits.

I experienced a breakthrough moment while reading Robbie Vorhaus’ book. I realized One Less. One More. is more than just another meditative tool, it’s a solution to discovering our life’s purpose, and living a life full of passion, excitement and joy.

Not everyone has the luxury, time, patience, money and courage to undergo psychotherapy. I’ve always been curious about alternative therapies, and now realize that One Less. One More. is a restorative solution and effective tool for human achievement.

To realize our dreams and desires, to pursue our passion, to follow our heart, to be happy, we must all consciously do something daily to balance out the negativity and violence surrounding us, and increase the beauty and goodness of our souls. Now that I’ve started this OLOM practice, I understand I’m not just doing this for me, but for my children, grandchildren, and of course, all sentient beings.


Lynn F.

New York