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One Less: Hiding my truth and my Light

One More: Listening to my intuition and letting go of fear of judgement

Growing up with no spiritual guidance and seeing people with different faiths, or any faith, be frowned upon, I have hidden my somewhat recent pull to become a Light Worker. I’ve been embarrassed to openly speak about my belief in Angels, signs, Spiritual fellowships, the power of crystals and the importance of numbers. I believe, I know, that there is a Universal Divine Energy that runs through us all. That Energy wants me to be happy. It is guiding me, through my regenerating Intuition that has been covered up over the years.

Letting go of what others (family) think of me, I have recently begun a course to become a Certified Angel Card Reader and I am devoting my time to helping people in need and caring for elderly, those home bound people who can’t afford traditional home health care. Being true to myself has given me peace and serenity that I have never known before. When I find a feather, and I find many, I know it is the Spirit Realm reassuring me that I am on the right path. The more open I am, the more Divine Guidance I receive. It’s wonderfully freeing to finally be myself, and the future is full of opportunities instead of fear. Thank you Robbie for giving me the courage to shine!