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I learned a profound lesson from reading One Less. One More. It came directly from page 55.

“Mastering your life and fulfilling your heart’s purpose is not a race, it’s an adventure. Pushing too hard, too quickly, creates the fear and resistance of an equal and opposite reaction, which, unless used to your advantage will ultimately work against your decision to follow your heart. Don’t force it.”

It all makes sense. It is in God’s time. I still believe in my calling, but God had to intervene. I had to cool my jets a bit. If I am being honest, I got scared. I thought, “Oh no! What have I done?” I am now re-energized with more faith and understanding of the process and I am grateful for the lesson of patience.

Back in May 2015, the universe started sending me signs that it was time to begin taking action to make my vision for a new, breakthrough business a reality. Over the course of a weekend I came across information in three different places about an organization for woman entrepreneurs called Bad Girl Ventures. After contacting them, and finding out they offer business classes, mentoring, networking and a ton of other avenues for support, I realized this is exactly where I need to take my next step.

Flash forward to now: One MORE step in the right direction for making my dreams, and, ultimately, my purpose in life a reality is taking my first class in Business. And, if the universe is showing me three different times and places about this organization wasn’t enough to really convince me, by the time I finally reached Baldwin Wallace College I was convinced: I walked in the door and I’m super nervous, not knowing what to expect, and my heart is beating faster and faster as I get closer to the classroom. I take a deep breath approaching room 107, look at the sign that’s next to the room number, and notice a donation placard on the wall with the name JOHN P MURPHY, my father’s name (minus the “P”)! In that moment, I smiled at my dad in heaven, thanking both God and my father, knowing this was exactly where I was to be. This was one of my breakthrough OLOM moments. And, the journey continues…