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Image 10Allow Robbie to Lift and Inspire Your Audience

Who better to give a fantastic speech than the guy who teaches the rich, powerful and famous to give fantastic speeches: Robbie Vorhaus.

Author of the transformational book, One Less. One More. Robbie Vorhaus is consistently named one of the top three communications and crisis strategists in the world. Robbie is an internationally recognized and trusted leadership and reputation advisor to world leaders, celebrities, leading entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies, including: Citibank, Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, General Motors, H.J. Heinz, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Raytheon, Unilever, UnitedHealthcare, and Weight Watchers.

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Robbie’s Favorite Speaking Topics

A regular major media contributor, speaker, and teacher, Robbie’s favorite speeches include:

What changes when you choose to follow your heart, do what you love, and pursue your deepest dreams and desires? Everything!

As a personal tour guide, and with countless real-life stories, Robbie walks your audience through his stirring and transformative book, One Less. One More. With his step-by-step proven strategy for helping your audience hear their heart’s calling, while ultimately discovering their own true life’s purpose, Robbie will inspire your audience to begin advancing toward achieving their own, very personal, dreams and desires.

Challenging your audience to consider following their heart, and then helping them to believe in the possibilities, Robbie will encourage your audience to begin preparing for their heart-centered adventure. Robbie will also outline the other natural steps to following their heart, including committing to the journey, the natural fear of transition, the decision to go all in, accepting responsibility for making their dreams come true, the final point of releasing the idea of perfection, and embracing the potential.

Robbie will continuously remind your audience to do the ancient math: One Less, One More, the ageless formula that when applied slowly, steadily and perpetually, results in unimaginable happiness and success, an awareness that will change your audience’s life forever.

What do I want in life? What is my purpose? Who am I? What do I do now? How can I change my life? Can I ever find true happiness?

Renowned advisor, teacher, and author, Robbie Vorhaus will engage your audience to recognize why their sole purpose in life is to follow their heart and be happy. It’s really that simple.
Using a lifetime of fascinating examples, Robbie outlines why we are all on an astonishing journey to discover and fulfill our heart’s dreams and desires, and that regardless of your audience’s religion or belief system, that the only way to express their heart’s true purpose is by living life to its full potential.

As he has for decades, Robbie explains why we are all born to expand, create and explore, not contract, fear or live in lack. In the past, your audience may have felt silly, afraid or uncomfortable acknowledging that they heard or felt their heart or intuition calling them to a special adventure. Yet intuitively, after hearing Robbie’s speech, your audience will know that now — right now — is the time to begin changing their life, following their heart, and becoming authentic and happy.

At the beginning of Robbie’s speech, your audience may not be able to articulate their life’s purpose. However, when they leave inspired, enthusiastic and confident, they will almost all answer, “My life’s purpose is to follow my heart and be happy!”

Whether by choice or chance, your audience will experience significant changes in their lives. Regardless of any training or preparation, a true crisis usually comes with little to no warning, and until resolved, previous routines and coping mechanisms can no longer be maintained. Crisis always results in something ending, and the beginning of something new.

After hearing renowned crisis advisor, Robbie Vorhaus, speak of his years working with the rich, powerful and famous through their life challenges, your audience will never waste the opportunity to use a crisis to their advantage again.

Your audience can pray, call for help, hire a consultant, dial 911, or visit a therapist. At the end of the day, the nature or scope of a crisis is irrelevant. Nor does it matter who is to blame. A crisis, both large and small, is still a crisis, and demands attention. What’s important, though, is not that crisis happens. It will happen. What matters is how your audience handles crisis, and the choices they make after the crisis is over.

In this powerful speech, Robbie, a recognized leader in crisis and change management, acknowledges that crisis, on every level, both personally and professionally, is a tense, terrifying and frightening experience. Crisis, which comes from the Greek, krisis, meaning separation, a trial, contest, a decision for or against something, is an opportunity to revaluate and recalibrate life, start fresh, follow their heart, and, ultimately, make life better, be happy and at peace.

Praise for Robbie’s Speaking Engagements

“Robbie Vorhaus’ book One Less. One More. packs a real punch—the good kind. His words will force you to become present, take note of your daily life, and truly believe you were born to achieve your dreams and desires. The only thing more powerful than reading OLOM, was having Vorhaus as a speaker to deliver the punch directly. If you’re looking for a compelling, professional, unforgettable speaker, run -- don’t walk – to work with Mr. Vorhaus, because believe me, your audiences will thank you again and again.””- Tracey Mitchell, Executive Director, Bay Street Theater
I had the distinct opportunity of hosting a session at the Global Food Safety Conference in London, England, on the growing influence of social media on corporate-consumer food safety communications. It was a great pleasure having Robbie Vorhaus with us to offer very interesting perspectives and learnings. I am sure we will work together again.”- W. Linders, Director, Middle East, Europe, Africa; Diversey
Our annual NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools) conference traditionally opens & closes with an “expert.”  Robbie not only shed some light, but enlightened us as well. He shared valuable insights and suggestions on improving not just our performance at our desks, but in our lives. Robbie’s focus of, One Less, One More, is applicable to everyone and everything: if we practice daily eliminating one less negative thing from our lives, and embrace one more positive thought or action, just think how successful we will be as fundraisers, friendraisers and communicators.”- A.B. Morledge, Chair, NYSAIS