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One Less. One More.

What happens when you choose to follow your heart, do what you love, and pursue your deepest dreams and desires? Everything!

The first step to happiness and personal mastery is to start now. Not later, tomorrow, next year, or when you feel better. Make a conscious decision to follow your heart, be happy and change your life beginning today.

Next, on a daily basis, choose one less negative, resistant or bad feeling, thought or action, and consciously let it go.

Call this, One Less.

Further, also on a daily basis, listen for your heart’s calling and choose one more positive or good feeling, thought or action, and embrace it.

Call this, One More.

One Less, One More is a traveler’s guide of sorts, a step-by-step, proven strategy for discovering your true life’s purpose, and successfully moving forward for the fulfillment of your heart’s dreams and desires; while at the same time, making every moment better than the one before.

One Less, One More is an ageless formula that, when applied slowly, steadily and perpetually, results in unimaginable happiness and success.

Practicing One Less, One More requires no special training or skills. It’s not important to have a picture formed in your mind of the future, or what you want to achieve, or even how or why you are here. That will come. You only need to believe you were born to be happy, and by practicing the math of One Less, One More, over time, your life will fundamentally and beneficially transform.

Drawing on his decades of advising the rich, famous and powerful, Robbie Vorhaus, one of the more sought after and respected crisis and communications experts in the world, discovered a fascinating common thread, a remarkable connection, an extraordinary link among his truly happy and successful clients, family, and friends. They all, at one point in their lives, courageously and consciously chose to follow their heart. And now you can, too.

One Less. One More.

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The first step to happiness and personal mastery is to start now.

Praise for One Less. One More.

What could be simpler or profound than removing just one less thing a day from your life that’s not working, while at the same time, embracing, cultivating and nurturing just one more brilliant idea or passion a day that is. Robbie Vorhaus’ One Less. One More. is a must read for anyone with an idea worth pursuing, a business to build, or the vision for creating the next big thing. Read One Less, One More and help change the world.”- John Sculley
There is no secret to my business: hire the best people, find the best ingredients, and honor your customers. The message Robbie Vorhaus shares in One Less, One More is clear and simple yet life-changing, whether you work behind a desk, on an assembly line, outside in nature, or inside a hot kitchen. Eliminate something from your life every day that’s not working and embrace more passion and joy in your life.”- Wolfgang Puck
One Less, One More is a wonderful plan for making a happy life! Breaking it down to One Less, One More makes it so simple and easy to do. I LOVE this idea! Its funny how uncomplicated life is under all the layers of craziness if we can just get back to the basics. More joy, more laughter, more gratitude and love. OLOM is a great recipe to get back to the essentials of what makes you happy! One Less, One More offers a blueprint for La Vie en Rose! A happy life in balance!”- Christie Brinkley