CNBCPower Lunch host, Tyler Mathisen, discusses Notre Dame’s Manti Te’oOprah Winfrey’s legacy and Lance Armstrong’s admission of lying, with CNBC contributor and leading communications strategist, Robbie Vorhaus.


CNBCInsight on Boeing’s Dreamliner problems and is lying the new truth? On Power Lunch with CNBC contributor and leading crisis and public relations expert, Robbie Vorhaus, along with CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen and Bertha Coombs.


Say This And I’ll Vote For You

September 5, 2012

Dear President Obama and Governor Romney: I would vote for you, and work tirelessly in support of your campaign, if you said this: Dear friend and fellow co-occupant of our glorious planet, and citizen of the great United States of America, My opponent is a good man with honorable intentions. I respect him, and I […]

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Dalai Lama Advisor, Dr. Blake Kerr, Testifies Against Chinese Leaders Accused of Genocide in Tibet

January 6, 2012

Editor’s Note: Robbie Vorhaus’s conversation with Dr. Blake Kerr originally ran in the Sag Harbor Express, along with the HuffingtonPost. Dr. Blake Kerr, an advisor to the Dalai Lama, renowned human rights activist, and author of the book, Sky Burial, An Eyewitness Account of China’s Brutal Crackdown in Tibet, recently returned from Madrid, testifying as […]

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Double Rainbow

October 14, 2011

  Normal morning walk. Nothing special.  Looked to the rising sun, turned around, and faced with a glorious double rainbow. There’s so much we can control, and there’s so much we can’t.  And yet, there are times when we are surprised, filled with all the beauty the universe can provide, and if we are ready, […]

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Will Goldman Sachs Win the Facebook IPO – RV on CNBC

July 19, 2011

Will Goldman Sachs win the coveted role as lead underwriter for the highly anticipated Facebook IPO, or will their reputation get in the way? What do you think? Leading communications strategist and CNBC contributor, Robbie Vorhaus, appears on Power Lunch with Mary Thompson, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Melissa Francis to share insight on, “Goldman Sachs: Still […]

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Heart-Centered Leadership

July 7, 2011

Successful 21st century leaders create heart-centered value. Leadership is more than vision, profitability, operations, human resources, marketing, business development and growth.  Without creating heart-centered value, leaders are operating in the old 20th century model. Today, leadership is about making things better, not worse. Raising, not lowering. Producing optimism and unification, not fear and discontent.  Heart-centered […]

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Intentions versus Perception

June 28, 2011

“I’m paying for this?” was the client’s first remark after looking around our beautiful new Manhattan offices, adding, “And good luck on the overhead.” I was shocked.  We had just completed an expensive six-month build-out of the 16th floor at 1700 Broadway, directly across the street from the Ed Sullivan Theater, home to The Late […]

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One More Volunteer

May 30, 2011

The center piece, the greatest focus, in my organic vegetable garden, is my heirloom tomatoes. Every year around mid-January, I pour over my tomato bible, Amy Goldman’s, The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table: Recipes, Portraits, and History of the World’s Most Beautiful Fruit, (affiliate link), conscientiously choosing the perfect tomato varieties for this year’s crop. […]

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Are You Following Your Heart?

April 18, 2011

Are you following your heart? Take a moment before you make the next decision, or begin your next task, and ask yourself, “Am I following my heart?” Of course, you’re operating on a budget, against a business plan, To Do list, goal sheet, and flow charts. You’re proficient in mind mapping, Gantt charts, and spread […]

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